Nerve Pain Healing

"Finally, something that works". Scientific research shows this unique blend of natural ingredients can give you
long-lasting relief from your nerve pain, with no side effects.

By Kierstyn Messina

This page is for you if you were diagnosed with neuropathy or are victim to tingling, numbness and warming sensations (some common symptoms of nerve pain). Oceanside Labs has an all-natural treatment created to get lasting relief from nerve pain, without any side effect. From $49 Per Bottle.

I am about to tell you a true story. If you believe me, you will be able to get rid of your nerve pain and live pain-free again.

If you don’t believe me, I will make it worth your while to change your mind. Let me explain.

Sam is my husband who loves me dearly.

One day he called excited.

"Honey it’s better than what we thought," he said, "when you first feel the effects, you won’t believe it."

I asked.

"What are you talking about?"

Sam continued,

"Our partner just finished sourcing all the ingredients. Your tingling should disappear. The warming sensations dissipate. You can finally sleep well and have nice walks again.

All of this without any of the side effects of your meds. And I want you to feel this for yourself."

Will I Ever Get Better?

I missed a good night of sleep, or have a walk pain-free. It all started toward the end of my second pregnancy.

At first, the pain would come in the evening. I choked it up to being on my feet most of the day, running around with my kids, wearing heels, etc.

But then it started coming on earlier in the day and kept getting worse from there.

The tingling and warming sensations in my hands and feet gradually built up to excruciating, pulsing pain shooting up my legs every day.

I was impaired. Too tired to do what I loved. This illness was getting the better of me. And I didn’t like the idea of slowly becoming a burden on others.

After some X-rays, I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy. Initially, I found some relief with Paracetamol, but after a few months, it didn’t work as well as it used to.

I tried everything—from massages to vitamin injections and even electric current stimulation. My physician then prescribed me some Oxycodone, and after that Gabapentin.

But here is the truth: most of these pharma meds were created to treat fibromyalgia or epilepsy or depression. They were NOT meant to treat nerve pain. This is why they provide relief only 10% of the time.

And given their sickening side effects, it’s just not worth it. I was tired of taking so many drugs and I wanted to find something natural that worked.

This research published by the journal Oncogene found that aspirin and ibuprofen, two of the most common NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are least effective in treating inflammations.

The Truth About
Natural Supplements

An overwhelming amount of scientific evidence shows that numerous natural ingredients ARE very effective in treating neuropathic pain specifically.

140+ clinical studies show how to heal nerves.

Yet, most natural supplements I was trying weren’t working.

That’s the opposite of what the scientific evidence suggested.

The more I looked into this, the more it was clear that these supplements failed because they are compromised.

They were incomplete formulas, mostly loaded up on cheap versions of the ingredients. These hardly get through your nerve cells, where they should be.

That’s why Nervexol
was born.

I was determined to get my life back and it was clear that a natural solution for nerve pain was possible.

My husband made it happen.

The Pain Is Gone

When the first bottles arrived, I remember feeling very hopeful. "If it worked for all those people, I hope it will work for me too", I thought. "Plus, there are no side effects".

The following is the letter we received from Beverlie.

Beverlie Hand numb feet that she had a hard time working, even with the walking . Her doctor put her on six month waiting list to see a specialist. She was told that she simply had to deal with it and wait.

Her situation even worsened where she was in such pain all the time. So she decided to do something about it. During her search, she came across Nervexol and quickly realized that there was no other formula on the market like it and was certainly worth a try

Here’s what she said about her experience:

Dear Nervexol,

I took a chance and decided to order. Within 2 weeks after starting the Nervexol, I was able to walk with aid of just a cane and at times could walk around my home without any help.

Within a month, I was back to taking care of my home, driving and being able to get out in my yard again.

I now do not have to have my family take me to the store or take my husband to his appointments.

I am so amazed and thankful at how well Nervexol has worked and recommend your product to everyone that has nerve problems.

This product works so well that when the specialist called to set up an appointment I, cancelled and decided to continue on the path of Nervexol.

I am a true believer in Nervexol!

Thank you!

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is a whole month supply. When you grab one capsule you immediately notice that it’s small and smooth, which makes them very easy to swallow.

You also see that they’re covered with blue gelatin that makes it easy to not get confused with
other pills.

The suggested dosage is two capsules a day, taken at any time during the day.

Four reasons
why Nervexol works.

  • We Don’t Cut Corners

    The most effective ingredients are not cheap.

  • We’ve Felt Your Pain Literally

    We created Nervexol because we had the same pain issues and nothing else worked.

  • Natural, Without Compromise

    No toxic side effects.

  • Target The Root Cause

    Provides lasting nerve pain relief from the inside out.

I started to feel some effect already after three weeks. So I kept taking these all-natural capsules a few more weeks to see if indeed I was feeling better or if my imagination was playing tricks on me.

But my nerve pain was lower. It was obvious. I kept looking at my prescribed drugs and comparing them. They didn’t compare. I was very impressed.

The numbness and tingling stopped and the painful sensations of burning and stinging were dramatically lower. I was able to finally sleep better at night and also felt an overall improvement in my balance, coordination and energy levels.

And all of this without any side effect. But what does this product contain that gave my nerve pain so much relief? Learn more below.

Deep Ocean Holds
The Key

This breakthrough product (called Nervexol) provides an incredible combination of safety and effectiveness.

Nervexol contains the exact clinical dosage of 11 potent all-natural synergistic ingredients scientifically proven to target the inflammations causing nerve pain.

The main ingredient is Calamarine ®, a newly discovered version of the famous Omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits of high-quality Omega-3 are incredible when it comes to nerve pain.

In fact, if you weren’t to buy Nervexol today, you should start by implementing this nutrient in your diet anyway. It is truly essential to treat nerve pain thanks to its proven anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

But here comes the bad news. For Omega-3 to work effectively, we need it in very high amounts. This can be quite expensive.

Most fish oil manufacturers decided to go for a dirty solution: to reduce costs, they compromise on quality by extracting oil from rancid fish. Once in your body, Omega-3 converts into harmful oxidized fats called lipid peroxides, which increase the risk of clogged arteries and blood clots.

In practice, this will do more harm than good.

Nervexol is better. Instead of fish oil, it uses Calamarine ®, a marine super-nutrient harvested from deep-sea squid in the clean waters off the South American coast. The advantages are numerous.

This means that you need a lower amount of Calamarine to get the same effect as common Omega-3, allowing you to save 85% when buying this type of molecule. A miracle worker.

Could we wish for anything better? Of course! Calamarine is eco-friendly, as deep-sea squid is an abundant species and the harvesting of Calamarine respects their ecological biome.

The Nervexol Advantage:

Unique formula containing the optimal dose of 340mg of Calamarine ®, the safest version of Omega-3 that is also 85% more effective at reducing nerve inflammation than other Omega-3s.

Calamarine ® is only one of the ingredients that make Nervexol effective.

Blocking Inflammatory Patterns

With its antioxidant properties, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) acts as a defense soldier blocking the inflammatory patterns that neuropathy activates.

The American Diabetes Association published a randomized placebo-controlled study that evaluated 181 diabetic patients. Researchers discovered that burning, tingling and painful sensations typical of neuropathy decreased up to 62% in participants dealing with neuropathy. (Reference).

Another study obtained similar results in just 3 weeks with people affected by peripheral diabetic neuropathy. (Reference).

Nervexol went one step further in adding ALA to its list of ingredients, by choosing Pure Stabilized
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.
This version is 12 times more effective than its cheaper alternative, S-ALA, typically found in most supplements.

The Nervexol Advantage:

The optimal dose of 200mg of premium-quality R-ALA, the best quality of Alpha-Lipoic Acid available as it’s 12X more effective than S-ALA.

Production Of Myelin

Another key warrior in the fight against neuropathy is vitamin B1. Also known as Thiamine, this vitamin stimulates the production of myelin, the protective layer around the nerves.

In a 6-week open clinical trial, 36 patients (aged 40 to 70 yrs) affected by painful neuropathy were randomly assigned to three groups and given between 150mg and 300mg per day of Benfotiamine. Most patients experienced a significant reduction in pain already at the 3rd week of therapy! (Reference).

However, Vitamin B1 is water-soluble. Why is this a problem? Many nervous tissues need fat-soluble supplements to work instead of water-soluble ones like
Vitamin B1.

Luckily for us, a few years ago Japanese scientists discovered Benfotiamine. Being able to dissolve in lipids, this form of vitamin B1 is better than Thiamine as more vitamin B gets delivered in your nerves, where it’s needed.

The Nervexol Advantage:

The optimal dose of 150mg of premium-quality Benfotiamine, the best version of vitamin B1 available as it is 3.6X more effective than Thiamine.

Enzyme For Prevention

Finally, Nervexol owes its uncontested effectiveness to another antioxidant: Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10). In treating neuropathy, this enzyme is incredible.

The Anesthesiology journal released a study showing how CoQ10 represents "a low-risk, high-reward strategy for preventing or treating neuropathy." (Reference).

Our bodies naturally make CoQ10, but the production slows down as you age, causing deficiencies. Which is why the more you age, the more you should supplement this enzyme.

Most CoQ10 supplements, however, use the traditional, cheaper version of CoQ10: Ubiquinone. Especially if you are over 25, Ubiquinone does not get absorbed well by your body.

This is why Nervexol contains another version of CoQ10: Ubiquinol. Its bioavailability is far superior to the cheaper alternative so that it gets absorbed much more efficiently. More than 100 peer-reviewed studies agree that Ubiquinol brings many health benefits.

The Nervexol Advantage:

The optimal dose of 150mg of premium-quality Ubiquinol, the best version of CoQ10 to prevent and treat
neuropathic pain

Fully Rounded For Greater Effect

There are many other quality ingredients in this product that will help your body get rid of your
nerve pain.

Success Story

"I went three months without really getting a night's sleep. The Nervexol really helped the shooting pains in my legs. I would say it eliminated it 98%… I’m very grateful to have Nervexol."

Dr. Braun

Best Safety And Purity

Nervexol ingredients are certified as pure and safe. Each supply is so thoroughly tested before it is packaged that Nervexol easily passes the most difficult GMP test for FDA-registered manufacturers.

Nervexol is not the cheapest natural treatment on the market, but then we felt that prioritising effectiveness, safety and quality were more important than skimping to save a few dollars.

Learn more about our safety procedures

Let me guide you through what we do to provide you with the best you can buy. It all starts at the ingredients selection phase.

They must be natural, with no side effects, and have been rigorously tested in clinical trials for safety and effectiveness.

To maximize their effectiveness and value, we only source the most bioavailable version of each ingredient.

We also don’t skip running a dissolution and disintegration test for each ingredient to ensure that it will be absorbed into your stomach and intestines with no problem.

It doesn’t stop there. Before combining the ingredients in their capsules, we use Near-Infrared to ensure their potency, purity and quality, as well as screen them from contaminants including pesticides and metals.

We welcome the U.S. Government in our FDA-registered facility twice a year for a full audit so that they can verify our compliance with all the steps above.

Ingredients Typical Cost
Calamarine $24.71
R-Alpha Lipoic Acid $35.99
Benfotiamine (B1) $35.34
Methycobalamin (B12) $19.95
Ubiquinol (CoQ10) $36.99
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) $6.58
Vitamin B6 $8.44
Vitamin D3 $17.93
Passion Flower $5.13
California Poppy $11.21
Corydalis $12.99
Total $215.26

4 month at $49 Per Bottle

Saving of $166.26

If you are already taking the ingredients it contains, then it’s a no-brainer as we’re sourcing for you the highest quality ingredients so that you can take a more effective, safe and convenient treatment for your nerve pain.

Starting at only $49 Per Bottle with the 4-Month offer, I promise to keep the price this low so that you too can feel the effects of this breakthrough formula.

Order your first supply to try this scientific all-natural breakthrough designed specifically for neuropathic pain.

Then take your old medicines and compare them to the high-potency and all-natural Nervexol pills.

Feel how great it is to live pain-free again. And see if your life doesn’t improve as a direct result.

But if you don’t feel a dramatic difference in your nerve pain or are dissatisfied for any reason, return the bottles within 180 days, even if they are empty, and I will send you an immediate and courteous refund. I will always honor our refund guarantee. No T&Cs and no questions asked.

Don’t Be Confused

I’m often asked by people who read this, "Will Nervexol really work for me?".

This won’t work for everyone. For example, if you have MS, Nervexol can provide some relief, but not cure your condition.

A good share of people start to feel results after only 4-5 weeks,
in line with the clinical trials.

This is why I offer a "180-Day Relief Guarantee". Try this for yourself. Don’t take it for just a few weeks and give up. Give it a full try.

It’s all-natural and made of ingredients you should be taking anyway. And if you are unsatisfied for any reason, I don’t want to keep your money.

Simply tell us and I will send you an immediate and courteous refund. Don’t be confused. You cannot buy a better natural treatment for nerve pain anywhere.

Success Story

"Over two years from doctors to talking about surgery, medicine, there was constant tingling, burning sensation, numbness so bad so that it affected my work, it affected my sleep at night. Nervexol has just been amazing, what a natural product has been able to do without having to worry about the side effects."

Keith M.

Our nerves are important to us. They do affect the quality of our life. Stop your nerve pain and get relief from all of its lousy symptoms with the safest and most effective breakthrough in nerve pain since it was first introduced.

Try your first supply of Nervexol to get rid of your nerve pain at no risk, today.

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Nervexol Promise

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How quickly will I see results with Nervexol?

Because of the high quality of our production process, and the high bio-availability of our supplement, the vitamins in our product will enter your system much faster than other supplements. Some patients have seen results in as little as a week. No one person has the same exact results. Nervexol can take anywhere between a couple of weeks up to four months to start seeing improvement. The longer someone has had the nerve condition and the more severe the longer it may take. We have a significantly increased success rate based off four-plus months of continuous use.

But, everyone is different. Sometimes the product works faster for some, and not at all for others. We recommend that you stay on Nervexol for at least 180 days for your best chance at success with the formula.*

2. Is Nervexol safe?

Yes, Nervexol is manufactured in an FDA approved facility, where we follow the strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements imposed upon the industry. The formula contains all natural ingredients which are shown to be completely safe.*

There have been numerous clinical trials using these ingredients and there have been no reports of any negative side effects, even in much higher doses than we are using in Nervexol.*

3. Who sells Nervexol?

You will see Oceanside Labs, LLC on your billing statements for all our products. If you ever need to contact us, you can mail us directly at Oceanside Labs, LLC, 759 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy #274, Cohasset, MA 02025, call us directly at 888-565-8853 or email us at

4. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. Nervexol comes with a no-hassle 180-day money back guarantee. Due to the nature of nerve discomfort, we recommend our customers use Nervexol for at least 4 months before deciding if it’s effective. After that, if you’re unhappy with your progress, simply ship the product back to us and we’ll refund your purchase in full.

5. Can I Take Nervexol With My Current Medications?

Numerous case studies have shown that you can take vitamin B supplements without negative effects to your medications. However, you should always check with a health care professional before taking any new supplements.

Hear It From People
Who Had It

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